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We’ve been in business for over half a century, and learned one very important thing: you can’t judge a person by a score. I always see commercials of other dealerships telling you to buy from them, but they never say why you should buy from them. So, why us? In short, we do the right thing. Our loans are short term, and usually range from 24-28 months. Don’t pay 5 years on a car that won’t run that long! We build your credit monthly, while you drive a nice, clean title vehicle. Many of our customers are able to get a new car when they pay off our loan, and that’s okay! Somewhere along the line, buy here pay here dealers got greedy, and were only interested in keeping you in debt, instead of helping you get out. I truly believe we provide a reasonable service to our customers. Just read our testimonials. Also, I invite you to read our negative reviews. You will learn more about us through those than anything else. Even if you don’t buy from us and have a question about a car, I’m glad to help. One last thing, there are several other dealers that have Auto Mart in their name, but that’s not us! If you read this far, thank you for your time!

-Jordan Haislip
Vice President

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