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Do you have a job? Have you been in middle Tennessee for awhile? If you answered yes to these questions, it would be worth your time to fill out this application. It’s called a credit application, but you don’t need to have credit to fill it out. We even offer insurance paid with your car payment! If you send this within normal business hours, we can usually contact you in ten minutes or less. Why should you go with our lot financing instead of another company’s? Simple. Our loans are very short, 24-28 months even. Most places in town want to keep you paying for 5 years or more on a car that is probably salvaged. This just isn’t right. Don’t do that to yourself! You don’t need a long loan to establish or improve your credit.


***Apply with our Secured Credit Application***

Do you want to make a cash purchase? Feel free to call us and make an offer, we do that too!